With ever increasing complexity and styles of paint products and the many varied liquid/powder mixes that we all use in decoration today, the need for a simple, fast and efficient paint mixing/stirring device was never more apparent.

Cyklone is easy to use and easy to clean. It mixes and stirs many different products. Saves money/time and is easily affordable.

You can mix and stir new paint, old paint, split paint, settled paint, masonry paint, heavy duty paints, tile grout, coloured grout, tile cement, wallpaper paste, unibond, PVA, adhesives, creosote and substitutes, bitumen, plaster, chemicals, marine antifouling and many other complex finishes!

A paint stirrer or multi-purpose paint/fluid mixer that can safely rest against the bottom of the container and continue mixing liquids and stirring paint without the worry of damaging the container.


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