Tile Trix is a brand new product specifically designed to be used with tile spacers. It is designed to stop wastage of expensive materials and save time, whether you work within the trade or doing some DIY. The Tile Spacer Punch is a tool which will make the tiling process that little bit easier.

A simple yet effective alternative to using screwdrivers, paint scrapers and any other “make do” methods for pushing or forcing tile spacers into the joints between tiles.

It can also be used when tile spacers jam in the tile joints due to the weight of stacked tiles. Tile Trix stops the risk of damaging tile corners during removal.

Shaped like a spacer the punch ensures no twisting of spacers in tile joints, creating neater grout lines and making sure no tips of tile spacers will show through the surface. It may also be modified to suit T-shaped spacers by simply grinding down an arm of the Tile Spacer Punch.


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