Plasterplug is a completely new, unique and superior way for repairing a damaged plasterboard wall. You can fix a hole or a fissure of any shape or size just in a few simple steps.


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Step 1

Identify the size of the hole and
evaluate the best Plasterplug size
(the hole should be slightly smaller
than the Plasterplug). Drill the hole
and sand to smooth the edge.

Step 2

Break the plug to the correct size
(this only applies if you’re using
the 12mm or 18mm plug). This will
depend on the amount of space
behind your wall.

Step 3

The plug is thinner one end and
thicker the other. Apply filler to
the grooves of the plug. Insert the
thinner end into the hole, leaving
the plug slightly recessed (if the
hole is too small, sand the hole.
If the hole is to big spread a bit
of filler to the sides of the hole).

Step 4

Now the hole is filled. Spread the
filler over the plug. Allow the filler
to dry for 1-5 hrs. Once dried sand
the surface to a smooth finish.
You are now able to repaint or drill
into the same area.